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Personnel and Payroll

We guarantee a professional HR - Payroll service, allowing companies to significantly reduce operating costs. With our help, companies can focus on growing their core business. Instead of increasing employment in administration, companies can focus on investing in qualified personnel for key business tasks.

Our specialists deal with personnel and payroll, among other things:

  1. HR data records.
  2. Salary management: the preparation of payroll, the calculation of deductions (social insurance premiums, income tax) associated with the payment of wages in accordance with applicable  regulations (including the the Labour Fund and the Social Fund), calculation of salaries for sickness leave, compensation for unused vacation, severance, handling of transfers.
  3. Leave entitlements (length of leave, leave due, leave balances).
  4. Preparation of annual PIT-11/40 declarations.
  5. Preparation of the calculations for Tax Office, Social Security, PFRON.
  6. Drafting of statements and reports for the Central Statistical Office, Social Security, Tax Office and PFRON.
  7. Detailed reporting as required by Polish law (including to Social Security, the Inland Revenue, Statistics office) and the individual needs of our clients.
  8. Audit of payroll records.
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