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Financial Accounting

We offer a suite of accounts services dedicated to those who are required to conduct full accounting. It has been designed for limited companies (limited liability companies and joint stock), limited partnerships and other business entities whose turnover for the previous year exceeds the equivalent of 1.2 million euros. Our actions relieve businesses of issues connected with support for accounting and taxes, making it possible for them to focus on core business activities.

Why choose Eurotax?

  • Professionalism. We are specialists in our field - we have a strong, long experience and the highest competence. We guarantee high quality, punctuality and reliability of services.
  • Savings. We reduce the costs incurred by our customers associated with the hiring of staff involved in accounting services, their possible absence, and in the case of errors committed by them.
  • Time. We  release independent entrepreneurs from the need to deal with tax settlements, declarations, legislation and tracking the changing rules and their interpretation.
  • Comfort. We save our customers the stress of contact with officials by representing their interests before the Tax Office and Social Security Office.
  • Complexity. In addition to our other services, we provide customers with tax advice in respect of their operations.
  • Security. We assume financial responsibility for the actions we take.
    Our credibility in this area is supported by a liability policy to the amount of 2 million zł.
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